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Plant Maintenance

Our qualified plant technicians will ensure that your investment remains healthy and attractive.

We offer our guaranteed accounts an Advanced Maintenance Program with a free replacement* of any plant that does poorly due to natural factors.

Plant Care Services Include:

    * Weekly or biweekly watering to maintain proper moisture content.

    * Inspection of soil and foliage for insects and, or diseases.

    * Weekly or biweekly trimming of foliage and cleaning of containers.

    * Fertilization as necessary.


Proper selection of interior plants depends on critical factors such as light, temperature, humidity and traffic patterns within an interior space. Our staff understands the cultural needs of plants and can recommend proper plant specifications, environmental planning, layout and design to ensure desired results. Of course, we will also service your existing plants.


Quality installation methods and materials can be as important as plant selection.

Our staff carefully selects, prunes and cleans all plants prior to installation. We than prepare, professionally stage and install your plant selections, containers and accessories at the agreed upon locations.

Interior office plants improve the quality of life in the workplace while presenting a pleasing business environment. Office plant design has also been shown to improve workplace productivity.

*All plants need to be purchased from Green Leaf Interiors Plantscaping.

Before Project

After Project